Gumpaste flowers by Suzette

Terms and Conditions


When ordering flowers it is recommended 2 – 4 extra flowers of each type being ordered are added to the order in case of breakage. This is not a requirement but a recommendation. The flowers are very well packed yet will still be at the mercy of the carrier. These extra flowers will be charged at 75% of the regular price. If you would like these extra flowers we will add them to your final order invoice. We also have the right to refuse an order if we feel that this discount rate is being abused.

We will do our best to match colors etc., but refunds will not be accepted based on the fact that the color was the wrong shade of what you requested. If the color is very important to you please provide a sample. Email us for the address. At our discretion, we may require a 50% deposit in advance of any work starting.


All orders are to be paid for before they are shipped out. An invoice will be sent to you to pay via Paypal, or by any other form. If paying by personal check, the check will have to clear my bank account before the order is shipped. If paying by cash the order will be shipped without delay.

Returned checks:

If paying by check and it is returned for insufficient funds there will be an extra charge of $35 added to the cost of the order which needs to be paid before the order is shipped.

Shipping, handling and Insurance: Insurance rates with the USPS can be found here.

Insurance is recommended against the possibility that breakage can occur in transit. Once it leaves our hands, our responsibility over the order ends. If breakage does occur while in transit, in the possession of the carrier, we will not be responsible for any refunds to you. If insurance is purchased then we will claim against the insurance and pay you the funds when they are remitted to us. This will only occur after the flowers are returned to us because proof of damage will be needed. Return shipping will be at your expense.

Final Terms:

Once payment is made in full you have agreed to these terms and the contract is finalized.

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