Gumpaste flowers by Suzette

All flowers are hand made only. They are not 'off the shelf' items. Therefore time is required to fulfill an order, and no flower will look exactly the same as you see here. Slight variances in color and shape will occur. View Shopping  Checkout
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Description Size/Style Quantity Price  
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Hibiscus Spray
This consists of 1 flower, 1 bud, and 3 leaves.
Spray $26.50

Hibiscus Flower Flower $18.00

Hibiscus Bud Bud $3.00

Hibiscus Leaves Leaves (each) $1.50

Hydrangea Spray

A spray consists of 5 flowers, 3 Buds, and 1 leaf.

Spray $13.99

Hydrangea Flower Flower $1.75

Hydrangea Bud Bud $0.75

Hydrangea Leaves Leaves (each) $1.75

Ivy leaves sprig - Dark

Sprig consists of 3 leaves

Sprig $3.50

Ivy leaves - Dark Dark (each) $1.00

Ivy leaves sprig - Light

A sprig consists of 3 leaves.

Sprig $3.50

Ivy leaves - Light
Light (each) $1.00

Lilac Spray

The spray consists of 12 flowers, 10 buds, and 2 leaves.

Spray $21.99

Lilac Spray - no leaves

The spray consists of 12 flowers and 10 buds.

Spray $16.49

Lilac Flowers Flowers $0.75

Lilac Buds Buds $0.50

Lilac Leaves Leaves $2.75

Lily of the Valley Spray

The spray consists of flowers and leaves.

Spray $12.00

Lily of the Valley Flowers
Flowers on the Stem only.
Flowers on Stem $8.00

Lily of the Valley Leaf Leaf $2.75


A spray consists of 1 flower, 1 half open flower, 1 bud and 3 leaves.

Spray $15.99

Lizianthus Flower Flower $6.50

Lizianthus Half Open Flower Half Open Flower $3.50

Lizianthus Bud Bud $1.50

Lizianthus Leaves (each) Leaves (each) $0.75

Palm leaves Leaves (each) $1.25

Peoni Spray

The spray consists of 1 flower, 1 bud, and 4 leaves.

Spray $48.99

Peoni Flower Flower $35.00

Peoni Bud Bud $5.00

Peoni Leaf Leaf $1.50

Rose Spray

The spray consists of 1 full flower, 1 tight bud, and 8 leaves.

Spray $24.99

Rose - Fully Blown
(see Yellow Rose of Texas)
Fully blown $13.50

Rose - Full Flower Full Flower $10.99

Rose - Mid Size Mid-Size Flower $8.25

Rose Bud Bud $4.75

Rose - Tight Bud
(see Yellow Rose of Texas)
Tight Bud $3.50

Rose Leaves Leaves (each) $0.50

Custom Rose
(as shown)
Full Flower $12.99

Stephanotis Spray

The spray consists of 2 flowers and 1 bud.

Spray $7.99

Stephenotis Flowers Flowers $2.75

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