Floral ArrangementGum Paste Flowers by Suzette is the place where you can browse and purchase hand made gum paste flowers by clicking on the 'FLOWERS' link above.

At the moment, about 25 - 50 types of flowers can be made, with more being added over time.

The most common flowers that are made are roses, calla lilies, and carnations.

Anything from individual flowers to floral arrangements can be created to your specifications, as well as having standard flowers available at all times. These creations are not only edible, but can last for Cup Cake with rosemany years in an average home or restaurant environment.

As with any sugar creations the flowers are quite delicate and, when dried, if dropped or handled heavily will break like porcelain. So they need to be handled with care and, if for display purposes, they need to be kept behind a protective barrier.

That being said, they are also excellent as center pieces for dining tables at special events like weddings or birthday parties, floral decorations on wedding or birthday cakes, floral decorations on cup cakes, and floral decorations on other edible foods.

Chef Suzette can accommodate most of your gum paste flower needs but, if you have any questions please fill out the contact form with your requirements.

Please take your time and enjoy this site.